Absolutely! While our gym is located in the club house, we are open to all members of the Wexford public.

Drop-In Passes were something we debated about here for awhileAt the moment, you can purchase a drop-in pass for the lunchtime classes but not for any other class. There are two reasons for this. (1) All other classes are capped at 5 spaces and we want to ensure our members always have access. (2) Strength based movements often need to be modified for injuries or ability. We do movement screening as part of the Game Plan Call with all members to ensure they get the most from the class – safely!  This is not possible for drop-in passes.  We hope this doesn’t cause huge inconvenience.  We are a new business and therefore our policies will be up for review in the future.

When you book your Game Plan Call, we will talk through your activity levels, food and lifestyle. We then get you to try some bodyweight movements. If you are ready, we will introduce some weight. We keep a limit of 5 people per class so the Coach can guide & support you through the workout.

Click here!  Be sure to book your desired time in advance. We keep a limit of 5 people per class.

Payments go through our website and member app. Once you sign up, you will automatically be billed every 4 weeks.  You may opt to pay for a membership and then book your Game Plan Call or you can wait until you’ve had this introductory session.  We advise the latter but it’s entirely up to you.

No contract but we advise only signing up if you can commit to a minimum of 12 weeks. Results do not happen overnight (despite what the gurus say!)

We review this question on a case by case basis. If you wish to put your membership on hold please email us at hello@barbellehealth.ie with the subject Hold Membership”.  On granting the hold, we will extend your membership out to reflect the holding period. Please note, in most circumstances, holds will be granted for a minimum of 7 and maximum of 28 days.

Great question!  We offer 30 minute weights based circuit classes at lunchtime. These classes are ideal for busy professionals looking to get a quick session in with time to spare for showering and eating.  You still get all of the 1-on-1 coaching support but do not have access to morning or evening classes.

If you want access to ALL classes, opt for our BELLE GOLD or BELLE SILVER memberships here.

All members receive tailored nutritional support that aligns to your goals as well as meeting you where you’re at in terms of cooking & preparation skills and nutritional knowledge.  

That’s fantastic! We love hearing people choose goals that are not weight focused. You could work on strength (squats, deadlifting, push-ups, pull-ups etc) , movement quality, cardio fitness, body confidence, injury prevention or a combination thereof! It’s totally up to you.

The answer to this is “it depends but probably”. We will need to discuss this in your Game Plan Call, do a movement screening and then modify your workouts accordingly. Another great reason why we keep a limit of 5 people per class!

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