Where to begin….

Hi There,

You have either stumbled across this page accidentally, or, you have for some strange reason actively sought it out; either way welcome!

I make no promises about the content type (or quality, or grammar, or ‘P.C.ness’) of what follows. I also will absolutely not be adding a “TLDR” section so it’s likely you’ll need a whole FOUR minutes to read what follows.

It’s my first attempt at blogging; despite wanting to start for years. The timing was just never right and I couldn’t figure out what the perfect topic was to kick it all off.

So I got sick of waiting for Perfect and it became more uncomfortable to sit with the idea of doing nothing versus the risk of trying something new and making a tit of myself.

The older I’m getting, the more I realise that there is never a perfect time or perfect way to start.

Starting can’t be perfect because you have no practice at the thing you’re about to do; whether that’s getting stronger by lifting weights, learning to stop hating your body for 5 minutes, creating a Work-Life balance by occasionally saying No to your boss or building a business in a county where you are a complete blow-in with no money.

I am doing all of these things at the moment to varying degrees of success:

  1. The saying No part is the hardest given that I am my own boss and that Barbelle is still very much a baby-biz (2 years old in 2 days – incredible!!). I was great at it in my previous employments in Retail Cat Man, but then again I found my work to be soul destroying and I couldn’t be late for my second job as a budding Personal Trainer!
  2. The Body Positivity was going really well for years but a dose of mosquito bites on our recent holiday to France (leading to itchy red blotches and an inability to shave my legs for a week) along with all the partying we did, has me at a bit of a low point on that.
  3. Oh, and actually, the lack of saying No to Barbelle work has had me working 70 hour weeks pre-hols so the aul fitness & strength are not what they were this time last year when I came second in a national Pole Dance competition and was prepping for my first ever powerlifting competition. But I’m at the start of plan to course correct that now to be ready for May 2024 where I’ll take on Spartan London; a 21km 30 Obstacle Adventure Race [a week after I graduate college!!].

This is why I chose to name the blog “Finding Health, Ditching Diets”. It’s a forever process in my eyes, not a destination.

Here, Health refers to attaining some sort of balance across the many many aspects of my life that make me ME [or you YOU if you relate to what I have to say]. And Diets refer to “quick fixes” and how I’ve educated myself to build awareness and compassion in the past decade to know that I never needed fixing.

So, what can you expect from Finding Health, Ditching Diets if you continue to read this questionably written wee blog?

Well, every Monday I’ll write some stuff.

There’ll be stories about stuff that happened / is happening in my life that somehow relates to Health or Diets.

The aim is to show you an unfiltered, imperfect Fitness Professional / Business Owner / Still-Renting Human who continues to plod along towards her own goals with many of the same struggles you face… and hopefully motivate you to keep going with your own journey despite now not being a perfect time.

I’ll send you an alert. [Not sure how to do this part just yet, need to google it!]

You’ll read it.

Or not.

I’ll hear nothing back from 99.9% of you and use my crystal ball to catastrophise your opinions.

I’ll invest in thousands of sage sticks and sip on my Pukka Peace Tea to curb the anxiety.

I’ll go for a run.

Then I’ll think of another “really great idea for a blog” and the whole thing will start again the week after.

So that’s it for this week. I actually enjoyed writing this (which being honest, is actually the #1 aim for me right now while I find my feet with it).

Next week, the plan is to go straight into the uncomfortable stuff: those Body Image insecurities that I’m feeling; why they are there, a bit about my history in this area and what I plan to do about it.

Until then,

Lots of love,

Bye, bye-bye, bye, bye …. bye!